Terms of Use

  • OKEX is a platform for exchanging digital assets such as Bitcoin, Lightweight and Ethereum with Rials.
  • No currency exchange, whether trading dollars or other paper currencies, does not take place in this context.

OKEX Digital Asset Exchange Platform

  • Users are required to read all of the terms of this Agreement before registering and only sign up and trade if accepted.
  • Users of the site agree that all of their activities in OKEX will not be carried out in accordance with the Site Terms and Conditions of Use.
  • Authentication is required to use OKX services in the digital currency rial market and users are required to upload their correct information.
  • Obviously, if any problem of authentication will be happened, it is the offender's responsibility and OKEX will have the right to suspend the service to the mentioned user and should refer to the appropriate authorities for solving the problem.
  • It is mandatory for the site to keep users' personal information private.
  • Okex users undertake to use the services of the OKEX site, just for themselves and shall be responsible for the use of the OKEX service for another person who has not completed the authentication process.
  • The account number stated on the site as well as the wallet address for withdrawal must also belong to the user and users are not allowed to provide the wallet address to other persons.
  • OKEX users claim to be aware of the risks involved in investing in digital currencies and invest and exchange knowingly.
  • As the online marketplace for digital currency exchange, OKEX has no responsibility whatever for the manner in which users operate and the profits and losses resulting from it.
  • Any users' negligence such as maintaining security information, user password, is the sole responsibility of the user and OKEX shall have no responsibility for any items which was mentioned.
  • It is strongly recommended to use a complex and secure password and two-factor identification code.
  • Okex ensures that save users' assets in the best manner and with the highest possible security standards. If any security problems arise, Okex will be liable for damages.
  • If you wish to withdraw digital currencies, you will be responsible for providing the correct wallet address. In the facing of any problems such as incorrect address entry, address malfunction, destination wallet problems and blocking of users' assets in the destination wallet, no liability will be incurred by OKEX.
  • The withdrawal request will be processed after registration as soon as possible. The time to deposit money into your users account will vary depending on the interbank transfer restrictions. For more information, see Interbank Money Transfer Rules.
  • The User knows that, except in the case of OKEX commitments, he will not have the right to any claim, claim or complaint from the OKEX site, its administrators, employees, and persons associated with this site.
  • If OKEX makes any misrepresentation or omission in the User Account or any error in its calculations under any heading or inaccurate manner, it is permitted and authorized at any time, freely and independently, without any administrative or judicial formalities or permission. A written statement from the Account owner (the Account owner) to correct the error and withdrawal of his / her Accounts, and the OKEX Detection and unauthorized payment shall be valid. the User shall have the right to any objection or claim regarding the operation of OKEX, it abolishes itself.
  • If any problem or ambiguity wil happen in any of the transactions, OKEX is able to annul that transaction independently and can return the assets of each users to their own account. Obviously, if it be OKEX' s problem it should compensate, otherwise the user will not allow to protest about how OKEX operates.


  • The cost of services and fees The financial transactions performed in OKEX correspond with the description on the Fees and Services page.

Information rules about functional components

  • OKEX includes operating parts with various ability and Each is managed according to the rules and considerations informed. For more information on these rules, refer to the OKEX Telegram channel, pages and the OKEX users referral plan and the markets.

فرآیند تایید هویت

  • به منظور پیروی از قوانین ضد پول شویی، نیاز است تمام کاربران نسبت به تایید هویت خود اقدام کنند. تایید هویت در دو مرحله با ارائه مدارک مربوطه صورت می گیرد.
  • ارسال اطلاعات هویتی اعم از اطلاعات کارت ملی و استعلام آن ها از ثبت احوال توسط وب سایت اوکی اکس و ارسال شماره همراه و تایید آن توسط اوکی اکسچنج و مرحله آخر ارسال عکس هویتی به همراه کارت ملی.
  • کاربر میپذرید از تمامی قوانین مربوط به احراز هویت پیروی کند و با ارایه مدارک هویتی درست اقدام به معامله واریز و برداشت وجه خود نماید.

تغییر در قوانین

  • هرگونه تغییر در قوانین، شروط ارائه خدمات، کارمزدها و مقررات مشابه، از طریق سایت اوکی اکسچنج به کاربران اطلاع رسانی خواهد شد.
  • کاربر موظف به رعایت کلیه قوانین وب سایت در هر زمان و مکان می باشد.